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AYK Roofing and Guttering

AYK ROOFING AND Guttering is a family owned company , We specialise in roof maintance - Whether it’s a minor gutter replacement, roof repair, repair leaking roof, or the roof restoration, colorbond roofing, metal roofing, we offer you the honest assessment, and options on level of the roof work to suits your need. 


Roof Restoration and Replacement is not only for the beautiful appearance but also more important is to stay the storm safe. There is a high percentage of the roof leaks due to the harsh weather condition in Queensland. Lot of times, roof leaks can not be easily found due to the ceiling insulation mask the problems.

To protect your home and ensure your home storm safe, it needs to be “health checked’ just like our body especially when the age is getting older. 


If you have a concrete cement roof, you may not aware these issues cause the leaking:

1. Cracked or broken tiles 

2. Cracked or Broken motart on the bedding and pointing

3. Valley cuts tiles loosing block the water way

4. Cracked or displaced flashing 

5. Displaced roof tiles

If you have a Tin roof , you may not aware the issues cause the leaking:

1. Rusty sheetings and cappings

2. Loosing or rusty screws 

3. Water overflow on narrow valley

4. Wrong size of the apron flashing 

5. Rusty gutters

AYK have 10 years wealth industry experience, we focus on quality of material and workmanship,meanwhile we providing the most efficient customer service to have a smooth job progress. we have full control of all work in progress, for example we do stage check during the job progress to make sure the job is done professionally. 


Do you want to know what condition is your roof in? Please just phone us or click a button to get a comprehensive roof health check report

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